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Oakland Bank Foreclosures

Oakland County is a popular location due to its weather, natural beauty, friendly people, and wide selection of homes on the market. All parents aspire to having the best for their children, and most people have a picturesque dream of the American home in their minds when investing in property. Today, it is possible to buy a dream home by investing in Oakland bank foreclosures.

Each of the 83 counties in Michigan are attractive candidates for anyone who is seeking to relocate into his or her dream home. A 2001 study by Diane Swanbrow of News and Information Services, shows that 85% of residents in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb were content with living in there county - who wouldn't be with so much natural beauty? Michigan State has the longest fresh water coastline in the United States, making way for incredible outdoor recreational sports and leisure activities. What's more, the state is fortunate enough to encompass four of the five great lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.

Oakland County itself boasts a variety of great entertainment and a good selection of restaurants, stores, cinemas, and outdoor activities. Living in Oakland County provides easy access to Lake Merritt, Tilden Park and the Berkeley Waterfront. The median price for a square foot of property in Oakland currently stands at $171, which is an affordable investment if you look through the Oakland foreclosure listings to acquire your home.

Oakland County is made up 62 villages and cities and has a population of just over a million people. The prosperous city of Birmingham has a bright and busy downtown area that attracts shoppers from all over the county. Birmingham has good transportations links, well-equipped public facilities, and a large public library. The city boasts more than twenty parks, and a superb golf club. Indeed, it is an ideal place to settle down and raise a family.

Another interesting city is Farmington, which has a very affluent public school and a downtown area that has recently undergone a major makeover. The city is famous for its Victorian style homes, which, set up against the stunning Farmington Hills, proves worthy of a post card.