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Dallas is a diverse city with luxurious accommodations, thriving culinary scene, fabulous arts district, challenging sports, stylish entertainment districts and intensive shopping opportunities. Families and investors who want to own homes in this city can choose from the 620 foreclosure properties that are listed here in Dallas.

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Bank Foreclosures in Dallas

The average price for Dallas homes is $75. This is just slightly higher compared to that of Houston, and favorable foreclosed homes can be bought in foreclosure auctions where homes are more affordable. Dallas has become a home to several people from different races and the residents are enjoying a wealth of arts, food, shopping, music, entertainment, places of worship and more.

The fact that we have currently 205 Dallas bank foreclosures and 620 foreclosure listings available would be interesting for those who are looking to purchase a house in the Dallas area. Aside from the presence of many affordable Dallas foreclosure listings, other options for prospective home buyers are auction homes. The market value of many of the homes to be auctioned off is quite low. Most of these homes are within the affordable range for a median income family. The houses currently listed range from 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom homes starting at $14,000 to 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom homes priced at just under $210,000. For families looking to relocate to the area, there are plenty of single family homes listed for under $100,000 and even under $50,000. This particular area of a Dallas would be a real estate investor's dream come true.

Dallas would be a great place to relocate to, with the affordability of its housing and with its cost of living about 10% less than the national average. Dallas is also ranked 7 out of the top 20 metropolitan areas with the most affordable housing for families of median income. The value of homes in the Dallas area have also been steadily rising over the last year, making this area a lucrative place to purchase a home for real estate investors. With a population of more than 1.2 million and a violent crime rate of just over 1% according to recent statistics, Dallas seems to be a reasonably safe city to raise a family. Recently there have been over 1,100 homes or condos sold in the area, many starting at under $25,000.

Dallas also has many job opportunities for individuals looking to relocate. Currently there are over 50,000 jobs listed for the Dallas area, ranging from entry level positions to senior management. The local unemployment rate is also lower than the national average. There are homes available in many neighborhoods from the lower income ones to the more upscale suburban areas. With Dallas' reasonable cost of living and the affordability of its housing, individuals, families and investors will have little difficulty finding houses in this area.