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Most people think of Las Vegas as “sin city”. Not a lot think of it as a place to settle down or live with their families. Yet is it a good place to invest when looking for rentals or foreclosure listings in Las Vegas? Perhaps it is, once one sets aside his or her preconceived notions regarding this locale and study its real estate opportunities. With a population of over 500,000, many think that the only thing there is to Vegas is gambling, endless buffets and several other sinful indulgences. Well as surprising as this may be to some, there are job opportunities that don't involve a 52 card deck, hot pants, or passing out cocktails.

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Bank Foreclosures in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting and entertaining cities in the world. The city has all the amenities and resort destinations to head to after having fun at the casinos and streets in Las Vegas. Upscale shopping destinations, fine dining establishments, luxurious hotels, and condominiums, and state-of-the-art facilities are in this city. Homeowners who want to own properties in Las Vegas can purchase from the overwhelming array of 3,603 foreclosure homes for sale in this city. Real estate investors can make an income-generating business out of these foreclosed properties that are sold at an affordable average rate of $101 per square foot. There are several retirees who have relocated here to experience an excellent quality of life.

As for housing, most would assume that Las Vegas would be a city suited more for single people. Thus, there would be more apartments and condos than family homes. However, about 70% of Las Vegas' housing is composed of single family homes. More than half of the population is made up of nuclear families employed in all different levels of vocations with a predominant amount them composed of formally educated couples who bring in combined incomes of six figures annually. With over 3,603 foreclosure listings, 829 being Las Vegas bank foreclosures, finding housing in Las Vegas is not an issue. In fact, there is an abundance of available listings for families or people just want to invest in a few properties. As the gaming capital of the world, Las Vegas has a booming economy and newcomers have little trouble finding affordable housing and employment as the cost of living in Las Vegas is around 20% less than the national average.

There are also many homes under auction listings that are listed below their current market value. The highest priced home is $350,000 with the lowest at $5,000. A few of the homes listed under $25,000 are valued at well over $100K. As the local economy slowly recovers, the time to invest in a home would be right now. Aside from the touristy parts, Las Vegas has a vast selection of attractive and affordable housing available for all prospective buyers.