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Clark Bank Foreclosures

Browsing through Clark foreclosure listings will highlight the savings potential of buying new property. An investor can knock as much as a twentieth off the standard market price. It's time to buy and Clark County may be the place to start looking in.

Clark County is a place in Southern Nevada, with a population of about two million. It provides inexpensive retirement prospects and is a healthy place to live in. With fantastic healthcare options, green lawns, interesting culture and good climate, the county enjoys low property taxes and a potential buyer can get more value for his buck. The median home price in Clark County is $180,000. Carson is a city that is increasingly popular among retirees, for a variety of reasons. The city offers wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and this is one of its main attractions. Moreover, good-quality houses are also affordable in Clark County.

Whether you are looking for a single family home or a condo, or you wish to resell property, Clark County can offer some interesting prospects. Las Vegas is part of Clark County. It is infamous for the Strip, and boasts of around 130,000 hotel rooms! Aside from tourism, the Las Vegas area provides other industries.

Henderson, just seven miles from the Strip, is the second largest city in Nevada with a population of 257,729. In 2006, Money magazine ran a survey that asked, "What are the top 100 best places to live in the United States?" Henderson ranked 20th! From 2000 to 2007, Henderson city saw a 49% job growth. The median home price in Henderson starts at around $300,000. The city is surrounded by great mountain views and a wonderful lake. Henderson offers a great deal of entertainment including restaurants, bars, shops, and splendid outdoor activities such as trekking, bike riding and camping. There are also good schools in the county and an interesting and diverse community. There are many properties to choose from; a good idea is to do a bit of research in order to compare prices. Bank foreclosures in Clark county will save buyers money and allow for other costs to be paid, as moving home or redecorating can be expensive.

Clark County, NV Foreclosure Process

The primary foreclosure method in Clark County, NV is non-judicial foreclosure, which does not involve the court. It requires a notice of foreclosure by advertisement, which as a result will allow a trustee to sell a foreclosed property. The lender as such has the trustee to act as his representative. Prior to initiating the foreclosure, the lender has to serve the borrower with a notice of sale default. Clark County, NV foreclosure listings will not be able to list the aforementioned property yet, as the borrower still has thirty-five days in which he can pay back on the defaulted loan.

Clark County, NV bank foreclosures and government foreclosures are at their highest in the state of Nevada and the extensive listings grow daily as more and more homeowners run into financial trouble that is too late to be solved or file for bankruptcy. Clark County has listings of charming cottages, classy country chalets, and suburban manors that are spectacular.