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Latest Foreclosure Homes

  • Hilo
  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • HI, 96720
  • $209,000
  • BD/BH: 3 / 1

A Beautiful New Home in Hilo, Hawaii Should Be Your Dream

Hilo, Hawaii is your dream town, and is luxurious and beautiful, and is good for enriched family life. The lakefront properties of Hawaii are beautiful, and the town of Hilo is very close to two volcanoes—great experiences for educating your kids. It's a wonderful town to raise family in, and it's actually becoming more affordable each day. For those looking to move in, there is good news: there are roughly 5,600 foreclosures in Hilo monthly, and the average cost of living is $7333 a year. The average price of a home is $98 a square foot.