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Oconee Bank Foreclosures

Oconee County, in northeastern Georgia, was rated in 2006 by Progressive Farmer as one of the best places to live in the United States. With a population of slightly more than 30,000, and a density of only about 140 people per square mile, this is a perfect location for those who need their space. With Oconee's low crime rate, low unemployment rate, relatively high standard of living, and low cost of living, it's the ideal place to start a family in a safe and secure home. To make finding a home even more affordable, an excellent option is to consider bank foreclosures. These homes are sold by the bank and are, therefore, much less expensive than the majority of houses on the market. However, Oconee only offers about 110 foreclosed homes, so the time to buy is now.

The county seat, Watkinsville, has a population just short of 3,000. With an unemployment rate at about half that of the rest of the country, there's no lack of jobs so new families would be able to get up to speed quickly. Neighborhoods also look out for their own and crime is kept to a minimum. As Oconee's most populated city, it encompasses almost half of the Oconee bank foreclosures, at 41. The average housing rate is about $114 per square foot, putting the cost of living slightly higher than the rest of the county.

At the northern tip of the county, Bogart is one of the larger cities in Oconee, with a population of about 1,200. The unemployment rate is similar to that of Watkinsville, so new homeowners can bring home the bacon immediately. The crime rate is even lower than the county seat, so families can sleep soundly. With an average housing rate for nearly 40 foreclosed homes at about $92 per square foot, purchasing one would be an excellent investment.

The rest of Oconee foreclosure listings combined are less than either of these two cities, at about 30 homes altogether. Cost of living is similar in the rest of Oconee to that of Bogart, with average housing rates of about $90 per square foot. Homeowners should take advantage of these opportunities to live their dreams.