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West Palm Beach Bank Foreclosures

Looking to relocate to West Palm Beach? Enclosed is some information on available housing in the area, including West Palm Beach foreclosure listings. Currently there are over five thousand homes and condos listed that are either in foreclosure or have already been closed down.

Investing in bank foreclosures in West Palm Beach is a great investment for anyone interested in turning a profit. Many bank-owned properties start out at just $1,000. The best resources for finding such types of homes can be accessed by searching the Internet or by contacting an agent in the area. If looking to invest in rental properties, the aforementioned homes make an attractive investment. Some of these homes may need a little work. However, contractors and home improvement experts are easy enough to find. Purchasing West Palm Beach bank foreclosures are great investments if looking to fix up a home and turn it around. These types of properties can be obtained for less money because the banks consider these properties to be non-performing assets. Banks do not make any money off of unoccupied homes.

Some of the more expensive homes can be found in the Pinewood, South Side and Pineapple and Southland Park areas. Many of these homes are more than 4,000 square feet, and pricing begins at over $1 million. The bulk of the population in these areas are in their thirties. They are educated, and some come from affluent families. There are also larger populations of families with children in this area than some of the lower-income areas.

For the homebuyer who isn't heir to a fortune, there are many single-family homes and condos in the North Shore and Palm Beach Lakes areas for sale. Majority of the population is made up of working adults in their thirties and forties, mostly without children. The median income for residents in this area is slightly higher than the national average. Due to the decline in property values, there are many homes to choose from in this area for under $200,000. Whether the homebuyer is looking into more affluent neighborhoods such as Northwood Hills or Palm Club Village, or searching in one of the lower-income areas such as the Villages of Palm Beach Lakes or the South side, there are plenty of homes available to all.