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Marion Bank Foreclosures

Rolling hills, lush greenery and expansive lakes… Marion County brings all these to you, in addition to its rich and well-preserved history and tradition. This region has an interesting position on the map, offering immediate access to the academic hub of Tampa and Orlando, the financial center that is Jacksonville, and the tourism capitals of Daytona Beach and Miami. To top it all, the local military and civil history adds great value to the region.

These attributes make Marion an ideal location to consider for relocation or settlement. A lot of pensioners and change-seekers recognize this all too well, and they tend to head this way often. Market analysts, who also understand and appreciate the trends, have devised a way to facilitate investing in Marion County by minimizing the financial responsibility involved. This is done mainly through Marion bank foreclosures on properties. The corresponding foreclosure listings in Marion County detail the average pricing for the entire region as well as for the main cities and towns.

There is an average foreclosure pricing of $83 per square feet for the entire county. The statistics for the main cities and unincorporated regions are also interesting for two reasons. First, the locations all have something good to offer and, second, the prices are very reasonable. These locations include Marion Oaks, Ocala, Reddick, Orange Springs and Salt Springs. Marion Oaks offers a well-developed residential community. It is famous for its Spring Festival, and it is home to a plentiful wildlife. It has an average foreclosure pricing of $79 per square feet. Ocala serves as the county seat and tourism hub. It is well known for its annual national horse show, and for its dry and wet weather. The median income for Ocala is reasonably okay, but the poverty percentage requires serious thought and careful planning. The listed pricing for foreclosed property is $84 per square feet.

In contrast to these two towns, Reddick and Orange Springs are very small places in terms of both area and population. Salt Springs is also a relatively small place, but it offers many activities for families because of its proximity to Lake George. The average pricing for these places range between $56 and $63 per square feet.