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In Tampa, the asking price for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family home on auction is now as low as $547. Townhouses, condos and single family homes are going for $1,000 under Tampa foreclosure listings. These are just a few examples of what this interesting city has to offer in its 2,161 foreclosure listings in Tampa, of which 440 of are bank foreclosures and 0 are up for auction.

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Bank Foreclosures in Tampa

Tampa offers a great way of life. Residents enjoy low property taxes and no state income tax. The city also provides a lower cost of living than other cities like Orlando and Charlotte. With bright sunshine, blue skies, and cool breezes, Tampa offers residents delightful weather. Buying some of the Tampa bank foreclosures can be a great option. Real estate investors may find this profitable as many of the residents rent spaces. There are about 2,161 foreclosure listings in Tampa. The average price per square foot is $92. This is one of the most affordable prices in the state of Florida. Families can live in stylish bungalows or high-rise homes near the Bay and other residential choices.

Situated on the West Coast of Florida, Tampa has a population of 335,709, 46.5% of which are below 50 years of age, 31% are single, and 47% are married. Of these, 74.8% have no children.

Prosperity first came to Tampa with the discovery of phosphate in the Bone Valley region in the southeast. This was followed by the establishment of a major cigar production center. Today, Tampa has developed into a multicultural business center with real estate, professional sport, national defense, and both air and sea freight playing a major role in its local economy.

Tampa offers a safe and enjoyable environment with outdoor cafes, river-walk strolls, waterfront entertainment, and an exciting nightlife. Many people come to the city seeking respite from their busy lives and end up staying.

The city is currently experiencing a surge in high-market consumer demand and is on the point of being ranked as a gamma world city. There is an overall optimism that Tampa is poised for growth.

For the week ending 23 March 2011, the average price listing for house sales in Tampa hit $264,764, an increase of 0.8% compared to the previous week. The average price per square foot showed a decrease of 4.3% to just $89 compared to the same period from the previous year. The median home sales price between December 2010 and February 2011, on the other hand, decreased 20% to $104,000.

Investors with an eye for potential profits can look for exciting opportunities in Northview Hills, College Hills, Ridgewood Park, Grant Park, and Courier City/Oscawana, where prices range from $41,866 to $365,539 and week-on-week, average price listing appreciation is as high as +12%. Other popular neighborhoods include: Old Seminole Heights, Sun Bay South, Tampa Palms, Hunters Green, and Davis Islands where prices range from $116,259 to $1,097,581.