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Green Bay, Wisconsin: The Time to Buy a Foreclosed Home is Now

Green Bay, Wisconsin is very proud of its football team. Even the unofficial city nickname, “Titletown,” reflects the number of NFL titles (12) it has won including Super Bowls I and XXXI, more than any NFL team. It's also held the distinction of being awarded the title of All-American City twice, 1964 and 1999. Of its 42,125 current households, 1,795 are in the foreclosure listings. There are also 1,549 resale homes available and there are an additional 683 homes in the pre-foreclosure and auction phases of foreclosure. The median home value, $139,410, is only slightly above the median sales price of $134,950. Since the cost of living is 16% below the national average and the unemployment rate is 6.9%, now is the perfect time to buy a house under foreclosure.