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Foreclosure Listings in Queens

While New York is depicted as a high-fashion, fast-paced, jet-setting singles place by the media; it's a place that many normal people such as families call home. Just like any other major city in the United States, it's going to have its fair share of crime, poverty and homelessness. It is also a place of great art and culture, another place the elite go to get away from their hectic lives.

Some may think that one has to make a six-figure salary to be able to afford to live in this great city. This isn't necessarily so, if you know where to look. A good example is Queens County, New York. Currently, Queens has over 1,450 foreclosure listings. There are several listings going for under $1,000, which means that they are bank foreclosures. There are also many homes with a considerable amount of square footage for around $50,000 or less. The homes and apartments available in many of the cities range from lower income areas to upper middle class. There are several apartments listed, which could be a great income source for individuals looking to invest.

The population of Queens County is just over 2.3 million. With over 60% of the population being white-collar workers and more than half the population being married couples with children, Queens County is not just for singles trying to climb the social and economic ladder. The county has activities for children and adults alike. For the kids, there are parks, hiking paths, sledding and ice-skating. For adults, there are museums and art tours, weekly events and street fairs.

Purchasing a home in this area right now would be great for families and investors alike. Market values are holding steady at the moment. Prices are starting to trend upwards very slowly, but for the most part prices are stable. With many of these homes listed for under $50,000, and the median family income for the area being just over $48,000, one of these homes are easily affordable for families looking to relocate. With the number of bank-owned foreclosures in the area and the low starting prices, Queens County is also a great locale for investors.