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Bank Foreclosures in Bergen

Bergen County, New Jersey has much to offer. Whether people are looking for a great investment property or an excellent place to raise a family, this county simply cannot be disregarded. With thousands of foreclosure listings in Bergen county, investors are sure to find an exceptional home at a wonderful price.

Bergen County is the fifth wealthiest county in the United States, and is listed as one of the healthiest places to live. Though there are plenty of spaces to explore and find solitude, Bergen County strikes a balance between nature and the company of others, as it is the most populous county in New Jersey, but is also home to more than 21 parks, a nationally accredited zoo, and five golf courses.

Want to invest in a home near a historic site? Not only does the city of Hackensack have affordable bank foreclosures, with opening bids as low as $16,000, it also contains the Romanesque buildings of Hackensack Water Works, now a part of the Bergen County Parks System. 

For families interested in quality education for their children, Allendale schools are ranked the highest in the state of New Jersey. They offer small class sizes and plenty of extracurricular activities. Exclusively available only to Allendale residents is a beautiful seventy-one acre park, making this beautiful community a perfect spot for any family. With bank foreclosures on the rise in Allendale, prospective buyers are guaranteed to find a home that fits their budget. 

Looking to invest in a dream home, but don't want to pay an outrageous price? Check out the foreclosure listings in the city of Dumont, where there are numerous luxurious homes listed at great prices, with the average foreclosure listed at a little over $375,000. Also located on Dumont's website is a drug-free school zone map to ensure that residents are protected from illegal substances, making this city a safe place to settle. 

Whether investors are looking to retire in one of the healthiest counties in the United States, or are seeking a quality education for their children, Bergen County has something for everyone. Check out some amazing opportunities in Bergen bank foreclosures today.