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Gwinnett Bank Foreclosures

Gwinnett County, home to more than 800,000 citizens of Georgia, is the second most populated county in the state. It has experienced a population boom, growing at 60% since 2000. Unemployment, therefore, has become a problem, though not to as great an extent as much of the state. This lack of jobs has led to many bank foreclosures in Gwinnett County. There are now over 6,000 foreclosed homes for sale in the county. These cheaper homes offer an incentive to many prospective homeowners, leading to a continued increase in population. This, along with many parks, libraries and other amenities, makes an ideal environment to raise a family.

The county seat, Lawrenceville, has a population around 30,000. This is about a 33% increase from 2000, and has led to a high level of unemployment. This has resulted in a large number of foreclosed homes. In fact, the Gwinnett foreclosure listings have risen to about one-third of the county's total; over 2,000. Despite the rampant unemployment, the numerous parks and low crime rate still make this an ideal area in which to raise children. It is even possible to raise them on a budget, with the average housing rate at about $62 per square foot of living space.

Suwanee, located toward the northern end of the county, is home to more than 15,000 people, making it one of the larger cities in Gwinnett. The city has a very large park system, including numerous parks, several tracks and footpaths, a large fountain, and a massive playground for children. This family-friendly atmosphere coupled with a very low crime rate makes Suwanee the perfect place to raise a family. Unemployment is also rather low, so new homeowners can feed their families with ease. With more than 350 foreclosed homes, housing is readily available. The average housing rate is about $78 per square foot.

Other cities, such as Duluth, can be placed between Lawrenceville and Suwanee in terms of economic possibility, cost of living and standard of living. Most lean toward Lawrenceville when it comes to cost of housing, but toward Suwanee for standard of living. Regardless of where one goes in Gwinnett, though, one is bound to benefit from the plethora of bank foreclosures available to make dreams reality.