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DeKalb Foreclosure Listings

DeKalb County, home to part of Atlanta, is one of the more populated counties in Georgia, because of this, the potential for success is great. A homeowner may be able to acquire a job with Cox Communications, Kroger, or even the Center for Disease Control (CDC). With a population of nearly 750,000, there is a very competitive job and housing market. This raises the standard of and cost of living. As such, purchasing a home in which to raise a family remains only a dream for many. However, there are almost 5,000 DeKalb bank foreclosures available for purchase that makes achieving this dream easier.

DeKalb includes approximately 10% of Atlanta. This portion of Georgia's capital, like the rest of the city, has a rather high crime rate; almost twice that of U.S. average. However, due to this problem, the cost of living is not as high as other areas of Georgia. As such, the average housing rate for nearly 5,000 foreclosed homes is only about $82 per square foot of living space.

Decatur, the county seat, has a population of nearly 19,000 and counting. Many are flowing into the city because household income has rose to about $20,000 over the past ten years. Unfortunately, this influx of workers has led to an unemployment rate of 10.4%. With so many out of work, foreclosure listings have steadily risen to over 1,000 foreclosed homes. The rise, though, benefits new homeowners. The average housing rate has dropped significantly to about $57 per square foot.

Historic Dunwoody, which became a city in late 2008, lies at the northern end of the county. Despite being a new city, it has a population of over 45,000 with an average household income almost twice that of Georgia's at almost $85,000. Unemployment is relatively low, compared to the rest of the county. A new homeowner, though, would have to compete over the twelve foreclosed homes in the city. Because of this scarcity and the overall standard of living, the average housing rate for Dunwoody is about $128 per square foot. However, because the atmosphere of the city is so genial, purchasing a bank foreclosure here would be a wise investment to help achieve the American dream.