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Families and new couples who want to raise their kids here can start selecting from the 2,476 foreclosure homes in Orlando. The average price per square foot for Orlando homes is $91, making it favorable for both homeowners and investors. Some other reasons why families should buy foreclosed properties in this city include the shopping and dining, recreation and entertainment opportunities, and so much more that this fabulous city offers.

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Bank Foreclosures in Orlando

Orlando is a beautiful city that offers a unique blend of the old South and a contemporary metropolitan atmosphere. The city offers an impressive quality of life. New home communities have been developing in this progressive and vibrant city. There are also employment opportunities for the old and new residents.

While Orlando is acclaimed as a tourist city or the place to go for great family vacations, not a lot would think of the place as home. Yet after some thought, the place would actually be a good home because of its proximity to the beach and other amusement parks. Aside from the beaches and Disney World, Orlando's quality of life is better than most would think. With several local activities such as movies, sporting events and museums, Orlando has quite a bit to offer. With a modest sized population for such a famous city (200,000), the availability of housing in the area might surprise prospective home buyers.

Currently there are over 3,000 homes for sale in Orlando. There are just over 2,476 Orlando foreclosure listings, with 417 bank foreclosures in Orlando and 0 auction homes. While there isn't an overabundance of homes available for real estate investment purposes, this is a favorable area for families. Depending upon the chosen locale, there are homes currently available to meet just about any budget. Current foreclosure and bank listings have homes priced from $1,000 to $3.9 million. There are even a few single family homes with market values of about $100,000 that are listed for just under $10,000. With cost of living 21% less than the national average, this could be a prime city for those who want a fresh start after getting caught up with financial issues caused by the recession. Home value trends also show that selling prices have been holding steady for the last year or so, showing that this could be the prime time to purchase a home.

A few less than desirable factors may be that Orlando's unemployment rate is a couple of percentage points higher than the national average. However, there are plenty of job opportunities in the city. Currently there are over 18,000 jobs posted in Orlando. While some people may think of this city or Florida in general as a place geared more for retirees, there are plenty of activities for families with children of all ages, with over 90 theme parks in the area and surrounding cities. Definitely, there are employment opportunities and homes available for all ages and income levels.