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Homestead Bank Foreclosures

Homestead is on Florida's most southern tip and because of this strategic location, most days are sunny, with an average temperature of 75 degrees. The Everglades National Park is just ten miles away from Homestead. It is home to mangrove forests and watery saw grass planes, and it is the only ecosystem of its kind in the entire world. Homestead is also close to Biscayne Bay which houses an underwater national park. Also not very far from Homestead are the Florida Keys, a chain of islands connected by 42 bridges.

Homestead has a very welcoming atmosphere. It is a very pleasant place to live in and raise families because of the close-knit community and the well-equipped amenities.

Reports indicate that Homestead's economy is growing year by year. It attracts new businesses and it has a budding art and culture community. It is also home to the Homestead/Miami Speedway and the Homestead Sports Complex.

Homestead also offers a lot in the entertainment department. The main street has shops and entertainment centers with special events all throughout the year, such as the Friday Fest, Cinco de Mayo and Fourth of July celebrations.

The town definitely has a lot to offer, both to tourists and residents. This should be a key indicator to an investor. And there is no better way to invest than in times of bank foreclosures in Homestead FL. Property prices in Homestead are expected to soar given the town's great potential as a premium location for people who want to invest in family homes.

Here are some figures on foreclosure listings in Homestead, proving that it is a great place to invest in:

  • The total inventory of available homes in the Homestead market in July 2010 stood at 11,434 homes. The majority of homes for sale were ones on foreclosure. This data comes from foreclosure listings in Homestead. Foreclosed homes can be bought at very competitive prices.
  • The average market value for a home in Homestead in July 2010 was $96,616. This is significantly higher than the price of foreclosed houses, which could be an indication of the prime value of Homestead properties.