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Miami Dade Bank Foreclosures

Dade County in Florida may generally be popular for just another place in Florida nestled next to the sea with endless beaches and a favorite place for college kids to hang out for spring break. So it has the makings of a great spring vacation, but if thinking of relocating, what's it like to live in Dade County? With so many cities and counties struggling through the economic crisis, people looking to relocate want to know more about the counties' foreclosure listings and home availability. Currently, there are 94 foreclosure listings in Dade County. A number of these homes are bank foreclosures starting at $100; however that is most likely an auction price.

An individual looking to invest or even a family wanting to relocate should look into purchasing a home in this area. Even the homes that are priced higher than $100 are very good deals. There are several listed for fewer than $50,000 that are bank-owned and are short sales. Some of these homes listed are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased with a monthly mortgage of well under $500. These aren't just small one-bedrooms; many listed in the $50,000 range are full three-bed, two-bath family homes. If moving here, the area offers an extensive list of activities and entertainment for families, including campgrounds, parks, miniature golf and youth sports leagues. There are several museums and cultural and performing arts centers to satisfy one's needs for cultural activities.

Regarding the demographics in Dade County, the median income is just over $51,000 a year. That's about 15% higher than the national average. With a population of 76,800, the county residents consist of middle class suburbanites, high-income college-educated professionals with children, and double income active suburban families or "rat race" types. If thinking of purchasing a home here, investors and families alike should make the decision soon. Home values and listing prices are slowly on the rise and the best deals to be had are right now. Home values in Miami-Dade County have increased 7.2 % in the last year alone. Investing in homes in Dade County could have the potential to be quite lucrative.