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Fairfield County Foreclosed Homes - The Better Option

Fairfield County is the most populated county in Connecticut. Its scenic atmosphere and generally wealthy society attract many would-be homeowners. With the country's economic situation, though, many have found it too costly to purchase their own homes. The solution is simple: Fairfield County bank foreclosures. Foreclosure listings in Fairfield County provide a means by which new, less financially stable families can own their own homes, and live the lives they'd always dreamed of living. With over 1,000 foreclosed homes in the county, there's bound to be a home for everyone.

Scenic Bridgeport, the Park City, has two large, beautiful parks and the state's only zoo. Though the standard of living is below the rest of the county, cost of living is also lower, and housing is very inexpensive and within reach of most prospective house buyers. With over 400 foreclosed homes in the city, the average rate of housing is a mere $71 per square foot.

In nearby Stamford, the standard of living is higher, and, as such, the cost of living is higher. Foreclosure listings are more sparse here, at only about 200 homes, with the rate of housing per sq. ft. at about $227.

Norwalk boasts an even higher standard of living, but the cost of living is actually a bit lower than that of Stamford. Foreclosed homes are much more sparse, with only 85 in the area. The rate of housing for Norwalk is more affordable to the average would-be homeowner at about $181 for every square foot of space.

Danbury and Shelton have similar standards of living as Stamford, with about 115 bank foreclosures available between them. The average housing rate is about $131 in Danbury and $150 in Shelton. Each, therefore, provides housing within the affordable range for most new families.

As one can see from the number of Fairfield County foreclosure listings, as well as the cost of housing (an average of $151 across the county), purchasing a foreclosed home is a smart choice, especially when compared to much more expensive homes that have not been foreclosed. With the quality of housing similar to that of other homes, Fairfield County bank foreclosures provide an excellent economic option on the path to living one's dreams.