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Los Angeles Foreclosure Listings

Everyone knows Los Angeles County is the place where Hollywood and all the movie stars are as it is the entertainment capital of the world. Most don't give much thought to all the regular people who live there and aren't famous.

Los Angeles County's population is just under 10,000,000 and saying this area is ethnically as well as economically diverse is quite an understatement. Depending on where one chooses to live, Los Angeles is not a cheap place to live in. This region is definitely one of the largest melting pots in the United States. While the median home value has dropped significantly in the last 5 years, homes are still priced high. The median sales price for a home in Los Angeles County just a few years ago was $340,000 with the median income of $43,000. This is difficult to afford.

Fortunately, for some residents of Los Angeles County, there is a lot of diversity in incomes and educational levels, therefore some of these homes are affordable. Currently, there are over 57,000 bank foreclosures in Los Angeles county. The prices on these homes range from $1 to 10's of millions of dollars. Of course, the ones that begin at less than $1,000 are bank foreclosures.

There is so much diversity in the neighborhoods and types of properties available that it seems that individuals of any economic status will have little trouble finding housing. While getting approved for home loans these days has proved to be somewhat of a challenge for some, the current mortgage rates are quite low. Some banks are offering rates as low as 3%.

The only issue that may be cause for concern is the crime rate in certain areas. Unfortunately, crime is a concern everywhere not just Los Angeles County. However, recent statistics show that all types of crime such as theft, non-violent and violent crime is down 40-50% in the last 20 years. Violent crimes alone have been reduced to more than 65% of what they were back in the early 90's.

Employment projections for the next few years show growth in a few industries, so there will be job opportunities in the future in Los Angeles County.