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Famed as one of the warmest climates in the United States, there is so much more to Phoenix than cactus. Being the fifth largest city in the United States, Phoenix is a growing metropolis whose newest major industry is high tech manufacturing. With 325 sunny days annually, Phoenix has become a much-desired place for many. In addition, with new homes and apartments springing up everywhere, there is no shortage of housing in the city. Currently there are just over 1,938 foreclosure listings with 477 being bank foreclosures in Phoenix.

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Bank Foreclosures in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix offers a high quality of life, strong economy and bright future for its residents. Phoenix is the home of gorgeous sunsets, adventurous sports, fantastic dining, remarkable resorts and golf courses, different attractions, and a rich heritage. Homebuyers and real estate investors can make an enthusiastic search of the best foreclosed homes sold at very affordable prices here in Phoenix. The city has around 1,938 foreclosures, and those who are prepared to buy homes in this city can grab one and benefit from this advantage. The foreclosure homes in the city have an average price of $97 per square foot. It is not that affordable, however, the foreclosed houses can be worth their price.

This growing metropolis has earned many favorable titles including “Best Managed City”. This could be due to the income tax structuring being one of the lowest in the nation at 3-3.5%. With the cost of living being 13% below the national average and the amount of available, not to mention affordable, housing, one can see why this is such a desirable place to live. While the majority of the nation has been dealing with one of the most difficult economic crisis's the nation has seen in many years, home sales and job availability has remained somewhat stable in this community. Yes, the city has seen its difficulties and fluctuated just like all other large metropolitan cities however, it is not as drastic as other major US cities. With the abundance of available inexpensive housing, Phoenix is a dream comes true for families and real estate investors alike. In addition, the population is a mixture of many different types of people. There are single income families, many foreign language speaking low-income families, along with non-native newbies. The residents are a mixture of high school through college-educated individuals who work in a variety of vocations.

Currently, Phoenix has a lot of job listings and with new real estate surfacing all over the city, more jobs and homes are created all the time. With great quality living, affordable housing and an abundance of affordable homes, Phoenix is great for new families and investors.