Legal Aid Funds to Low-Income Group Floridians in Cases Relating to Foreclosures and Domestic Violence Cut


The Legal Aid Society set up to help those in the low-income group victimized by domestic violence and foreclosures is now facing serious fund shortage because of drying up of funds coming from the state, the counties and the Florida Bar Foundation. On the other hand demand for help has gone up.

Lenders are Chasing Borrowers for Deficiency Judgment Even After Foreclosure


With lenders hungry to make up for losses in the property market they are chasing borrowers with deficiency judgment even after foreclosures. The number is steadily increasing. Debt collectors are buying the deals and soon these will be packaged into bundles and sold.

Homeowner Would Have Done Well by Walking Away From Foreclosure Threat Instead of Nursing Moral Values Regarding Contract


A resident of Spanish Springs nursed strong feelings about abiding by the terms of a contract although her lender had tricked her into foreclosure. Finally she did get help from federal programme but by that time her credit was ruined and her savings empty. By walking away she would have been better off.

Veterans Returning Home to a Sluggish Economy Failing to Find Jobs are Compelled to Surrender to Foreclosure and Live off Food Stamps


Although there are many agencies offering help to veterans to adjust to the civilian world as they return from the war the sluggish economy is making it worse for them to find suitable jobs. It is leading to frustration and anger.

Foreclosures Anger Religious Communities of All Shades, Labour Unions and Individuals as They Pull out Money From Mega Banks


The Move Our Money campaign under the aegis of NBL, apart from religious bodies has also been encouraging private individuals to exit with their money from Wall Street. NBL has plans to initiate legislation in more than 50 cities across the nation for moving money out of the large banks. Slowly but steadily it is seeing success.

The Six Mega Banks are Not Continuing to Seriously Maintain and Sell Their Foreclosed Units Located in Minority Localities


The findings of an investigation that was carried out for 9 months by National Fair Housing Alliance based in Washington D.C., a non-profit body that focuses on discrimination in the housing sector, found proof that in the White neighbourhoods the banks are much more active. This is in gross violation of civil rights law of the federal government.

The foreclosure Age is Also the Age of Scams


The foreclosure has spawned scammers. They are professionals and advertise their wares in such a way that many get taken in and rely on them. The seniors are their favourite victims. They ensnare desperate victims via the Internet. Two favourite methods of cheating are taking advance fees and not modifying loans and secondly cheating borrowers into signing off their deed.

In a Market Dominated by Foreclosures Ohioans are Kept Hostages by Their Underwater Homes and Can’t Move Out


Vanishing equity have kept Ohioans tied to the state. The youth generally go out in search of greener pastures but with job scarcity looming they are staying on with their parents. The seniors cannot sell and move on to warmer climes. Some think shale drilling will better the state’s economy. Housing is the cheapest here than elsewhere.

Churches Facing Foreclosure Troubles Mixed With Gender and Racist Bias


Church properties are hitting the real estate market; their numbers are rapidly increasing. Churches are facing financial problems because congregation members without jobs cannot donate as before. Churches are moving away from old neighbourhoods for other reasons also – with race and religion bias playing important parts.

The Foreclosure Age is Spawning Scams of Various Types


There are many types of scams floating around in this foreclosure age – fraud relating to loan modifications, deed hand over, paying mortgage dues to fake firm, repairs and availing of certified copy of deed. The elders are generally targeted.